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Buccellati - Necklaces - Opera Necklace - Opera High Jewelry

Opera Necklace

It is a voluptuous excess, the extreme Renaissance, the most amazing expertise, the taste and elegance of a century-old tradition. The elegant necklace is based on the logo element of the House. It is reproduced to form an impressive openwork garland in white gold, encrusted with 1.093 round diamonds for a total weight of 11,57 carats. It is furtherly enhanced by yellow gold sections, modelled with leaves running after each other. The pendant, convertible into a brooch, has the same elements of the necklace and a faceted tourmaline weighing 16,31 carats stands out right in the centre of it, becoming the unique and undisputed queen of an incomparable design, reaching the pinnacle of Italian and worldwide goldsmithing excellence.

Yellow Gold, White Gold, Diamonds, Tourmaline